Harbour Island People


Harbour Island has become one of the chic-est island retreats for international business magnates and entertainment industry people who prefer to keep a lower profile.

Word of mouth has always been the only way to learn about the Island. The buzz began in the 1940’s when Allen Malcolm, a successful engineer, opened the Island’ first resort, Pink Sands, to a very select group of patrons. Later, the granddaughter of British aristocrat Lord Mountbatten chose the Island as her retreat and redesigned the Island’s now well-regarded small inn, The Landing.

Since then, Harbour Island has welcomed an impressive list of accomplished business leaders and international financiers. As well, celebrities who reside or regularly vacation there include Elle Macpherson, Diane von Furstenberg, Jennifer Aniston, Robert DeNiro, Peyton Manning and Jimmy Buffett.

There are two unwritten rules on Harbour Island that no resident or visitor would dare to break: a) never approach a well-known face and b) paparazzi are strictly unwelcome.